– BORN TO Capturing Moments, Creating Memories –

Discover the art of storytelling through our lens. At 3rd Eye Wedding, we specialize in turning fleeting moments into lasting memories. With a passion for creativity and an eye for detail, we’re dedicated to crafting photographs that speak volumes.

Behind the story

In the heart of Rangpur, within the walls of a charming apartment, Dr. Tayef Anjum began an endeavor that would soon become a beacon in the realm of wedding photography: 3rd Eye Wedding. The company’s unique name draws inspiration from the concept of an intuitive third eye, an emblem of deeper understanding and clarity, mirroring our ability to perceive and capture the unspoken emotions and fleeting moments that define a couple’s most special day.

Our journey has been characterized by a series of growth spurts and learning curves. From the challenges of establishing a foothold in a saturated market to the transformative shift to digital photography, 3rd Eye Wedding has consistently evolved, adapting and innovating at every turn. A large part of this success can be credited to our diverse and talented team, a mix of seasoned photographers, emerging talents, and dedicated support staff, all united under the banner of capturing love stories in their purest form.

Beyond just photography, 3rd Eye Wedding is deeply committed to creating an impact. Sustainability is one such area where we have made substantial strides. Recognizing the environmental challenges of our times, we’ve adopted eco-friendly practices at every step – from our choice of equipment and materials to our post-production processes. We aim to ensure that while we capture moments to last a lifetime, we leave as minimal a footprint on our planet as possible.

Diversity in our portfolio is another hallmark. Over the years, we have extended our services to cater to various cultural, traditional, and modern weddings, appreciating the richness each brings to the canvas. Our dedication to continual learning has also led us to host and participate in numerous workshops, ensuring we stay abreast of global trends and techniques.

In essence, 3rd Eye Wedding is more than just a photography company. We are storytellers, environmental advocates, and passionate artists, all striving towards a singular goal: capturing the essence of love stories with insight, precision, and heart. As we look to the future, we’re excited about the stories yet to be told, the innovations on the horizon, and the countless memories we’ll have the honor of preserving.

“Enthusiastic team with a bunch of great photographers. I hope they would prosper in the days ahead”

“First of all I want to thank 3rd eye wedding group for capturing the valuable moments of my life. They captured my colourful haldi program and my red day. I really thankful to Tayef Vaiya who is very much more cooperative with all his clients than other members of this team. He always prefers his client’s choices and demands.I am really grateful to you Tayef vaiya.
Go ahead and do the best one by capturing your client’s dreamy days.”


“At first many many thanks to 3rd Eye Wedding team to capture all the fabulous, wonderful, and precious moments of my Wedding.
All the members of 3rd Eye Wedding team are so professional, so cordial, so helpful and so friendly.
Go ahead and long live 3rd Eye Wedding. Wish you all the best.”